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Connect, Engage, Trade

Interchange is an exclusive, invitation-based digital community platform, which seeks to connect experts, thought leaders, pioneers, enablers and innovators from diverse industries with solutions and end users of IoT technologies.


The platform allows members to build relationships with like-minded individuals and stay close to the community 24 hours every day, over the entire calendar year! Users will also be able to stay abreast of the latest trends and challenges. Community members can submit challenges they face, and wish to solve.

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Being a part of a close community of change makers will enable users to find the best solutions in the market to the multi-faceted challenges they face, in a safe environment. To participate in active conversations with the brightest minds.

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Conversations about challenges and the ideation process can be materialised through collaborations and ventures within the trustworthy circle of industry experts. Find out more about how synergies can be created.

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